Custom Hypnosis CD

Custom Hypnosis CD 
There are many hypnosis CDs available on the internet, but what I am about to record for you is customized. It means it is recorded for you and for your specific problem. Prerecorded, "one-size-fits- all" CDs may or may not work.

Let's look a little closer. Let's say you have a fear of public speaking. Your goal, for example, is to feel comfortable speaking at a convention in 3 month. Good luck finding a hypnosis CD that would address your specific problem. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy only work when it addresses your specific problem and presented to you IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Nothing works better than working with a hypnotists or hypnotherapist. However, visiting a therapist could also have its negative sides. Most therapists charge between $70-200 for a single session. 3-4 session programs could easily cost you $500-600. Besides, many areas do not have hypnotherapists. Another issue is not feeling comfortable talking to a stranger. Imagine going to someone to talk about erection problems or not feeling comfortable with your breast size. Many people much rather do it confidentially via emails.

And the most important issue is being able to relax. Hypnosis involves deep relaxation. Please tell me where you will be able to relax more: at the unknown office with a person by your side or at home in your own bedroom?

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